Little Shop of Horrors
Look out! Jest and Starcatcher are proud to present a macabre horror story that is a cautionary tale of what our hunger for fame and fortune can lead to. A rock musical featuring the fantastic music of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman telling the story of the quirky and slightly desperate characters of Skid Row; and of course - a giant man eating plant. Performances November 21 – December 7 at the Nurit Katzir Theater Center.
Director: Eli Kaplan Wildmann
Musical Director :Jeff Rosenschein
Choreographer: Yaeli Greenblatt
Assistant Choreographer: Hallel Rabinowitz
Stage Manager: Elianna Rosenschein
Producer: Flo Low

Cast: David Gellman, Rachel Wagner, Neil Turetsky, Shlomit Kovolski, Netanya Mischel, Dooby Harvey, Daniel Rottner, Antoine L. Collins, Richie Mann, Elinor Kaufman.