Chicago Audition FAQ

FAQ about Starcatcher’s upcoming production of Chicago

· What should I expect at the audition?

-We ask that you please come prepared with a song of your choice that highlights your talents. You will also be taught a dance as a group and asked to perform it during the audition. Depending on the role, we may also ask you to read a short dialogue from the show.

· What type of song should I sing?

-While it’s always a good idea to choose a song in the style of the show, such as something from the 1920s, another similar Broadway show, or a character song similar to the one you are auditioning for, feel free to choose a number that just highlights your vocal ability. Tip: if necessary, we sometimes ask to hear something simple from the show itself, it is useful to be able to sing along to a few bars of music from the show.

 · Do I need Sheet Music?

-You may bring sheet music to be played by Jeff our musical director (if he is familiar enough with the music), a recorded backtrack, or sing acapella. All three are fine. If you need to hold your phone or a sheet of paper for the lyrics, that’s ok, just try to sing out as much as you can.

· What should I wear?

-Clothes and shoes you feel comfortable to dance in, and that do not restrict your movement.

· How long should I expect to spend at the auditions?

-It depends how long you take to learn the dance, and how busy your time slot is, but please set aside anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

· Who will I be auditioning in front of?

-Our creative team which includes Yaeli Greenblatt- Director/Choreographer, Eli Kaplan-Wildmann – Director/Set Designer, Jeff Rosenschein – Musical Director, Danny Freedman – Choreographer and Stage Manager – Elianna Rosenschein

· If I don’t have formal dance training can I still audition?

-Yes. Despite the show having a dance heavy ensemble, there are select roles that do not require as much dance.

· Can I still audition if I didn’t sign up for a time slot?

-Yes, but be prepared to wait as those that signed up will be given first priority.

· When will rehearsals start and how many times a week?

-Rehearsals will begin the first week of November and depending on the role, will be anywhere from 1-3 times a week in the evenings. Days and times will be finalized soon.

· When will the show be and how many performances are there?

-The show will run March 4 – March 21 for a total of seven to eight performances.

· I have religious requirements; will these be taken into account if I am cast?

-We are an accepting community and will do our best to work with your requirements depending on the specific role.

· Is this a paid position?

-No. This is a community theatre production operating on a volunteer basis.

· When will I find out if I got in, and how? 

– Emails will go out to everyone who auditioned with the results within 3-6 days of the audition. 

· How can I make my audition better? 

-Breath. Relax. Don’t apologize. Remember you are great whether you get a role or not, and that we are happy to be there to get a glimpse of your talent. 

Best of luck!

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